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Scrip Program

St. John's Lutheran School purchases gift certificates and gift cards at a discount and then sells them to supporters at face value. This generates support for tuition assistance and other school programs. Scrip is a term that means “substitute money.” The goal is for you to purchase scrip and use it in place of money when you go shopping. You can support school programs and cut tuition costs without spending a penny more than you normally would!

The scrip year runs from June 1 through May 31. The money generated by your purchases is divided as follows:
  • 60% is credited to the Tuition Assistance Program or to a student of your choice! Current students in grades K-7 will have the credit applied to their next year’s tuition. Current 8th grade families may transfer their credit to another student, receive a refund at the end of the year, or let it default to the tuition assistance program. Credits are applied to tuition statements before they are given to families at registration in August.
  • 40% pays for the administrative costs of the Scrip program first (keeping it a self-supporting program) and the remainder is given to the St. John’s educational fund. This fund is used for special non-budgeted school projects and activities.
How does scrip work?
  • Step 1—Creat an online account and place an order.
  • Step 2—Pick up your Scrip cards in the school office.

    It’s that easy!

More on the rebate

Let’s say you would place an order to purchase a $100 card from an organization that gives a 5% rebate. You will receive a $100 card for use. However, St. John’s will only purchase the card for $95. The rebate of $5 will be credited to your account. It is important to note that although your account will indicate you now have $5 credit, that money still needs to be allocated according to our SCRIP policy. You will not receive the full $5 as your account indicates. Rebates are divided as described above (60% to toward tuition assistance to the student of your choice / 40% toward administrative costs and the St. John’s educational fund).

  • Treat SCRIP like cash. If you lose it, it’s gone. We are unable to replace it.
  • SCRIP is not tax deductible since you receive equal value for your purchases.