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Presto Pay
After setting up your Family Account, please complete all of the steps to set up your Presto Pay account as well. After entering your banking information, you'll be asked to confirm that a small sum was deposited into your bank account from Scrip. After you confirm these two amounts (it is cents) on the Scrip web site, your last step is to follow through and send our coordinator a four-digit Approval Code from Scrip. You will not be able to order online until this last step is completed. These steps only takes a couple of minutes online, but it does take a couple of days for things to "process," so allow yourself enough time if you plan to order on the next submission date.

Using the Online Order Process, the funds will be deducted from your bank account immediately, on that same business day, not on the date our school order is actually submitted. Please be aware of this as you place your order; any charges incurred from Scrip for insufficient funds will be passed along to the Family Account holder.

> Watch overview video of Great Lakes Scrip Center's online payment method for particpants.