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Parish Nurse Ministry

  Heart to Heart from your Parish Nurses

Would you like your blood pressure checked? Do you need wellness assistance in the community? Have you ever needed an encouraging word or someone to pray with you? This is a new ministry at St. John’s beginning in November.   

The Parish Nurses have a unique volunteer role serving the members from the heart. The Parish Nurses want to be present for you and for your family. We cannot provide medications or shots, start IVs or perform anything invasive. We can provide education, resources and tools to the congregation in order to support your spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.   

The Parish Nurses goal is to provide:  
  • Monthly blood pressure checks (third Sunday of every month 9-9:30 a.m. and 11:30-12 a.m.) in the conference room.  
  • "Welcome home" calls when a member is discharged from hospital.
  • Wellness articles with a Biblical perspective. 
  • Resource assistance in the community. 
  • Offer CPR certification this winter. 
  • Encouragement and support. 
Parish Nursing dates back to the New Testament as Phoebe opened her home to help the sick and needy. Then many years later, in 1881, Lutheran General Hospital, in Chicago, had staffed deaconess nurses. It would be a century before Parish Nurses were given a name. Presently, hundreds of Parish Nurses serve in churches throughout the States where the program is energetic and effective.   

Several members from our church are Registered Nurses who will serve as Parish Nurses. 

These Parish Nurses are eager to serve you from the heart! Look for us at church on Sundays. We will also begin checking blood pressures in the conference room on the third Sunday and will have an interesting article for you to read every month.