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Praise Jesus, Promote Character, Pursue Excellence, Partner with Parents

Who We Are

St. John’s Lutheran School is Christ-centered education supported jointly by St. John's Lutheran Church in Lannon and Faith Lutheran Church in Sussex.

Both the head and the heartbeat of our school is Jesus Christ. All that we do is done out of thanks for what Jesus has done for us. All that we accomplish is by His grace and to His glory. Because of Christ, we are relentlessly determined to carry out our mission.

Please visit dpi.wi.gov/choice for more information on the Choice program.  Parents or guardians enrolling students for the Choice program should direct any questions to Mr. Tomlin at 262-251-2940 or btomlin@stjohnslannon.org.

St. John’s is centered on students and families. Children are seen as a child of God. They are also seen as a loved son or daughter of a family we serve. Parent feedback drives our planning and individual students drive our instruction.

Our approach is different. Unlike most schools today, we are not driven by test scores. We place our highest emphasis on Christian values and discipline. We first teach students to be hard working, respectful, honest, and kind. We believe our student’s academic success and high test scores are merely a byproduct of the values they have been taught.

How could we not? It is always a privilege to partner with families in Christian education. Please contact us and allow us a chance to learn about your family and share some information about our school.


Mission Statement
"St. John's Lutheran school exists to support parents in helping children GROW in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; and assist the churches to GO and make disciples of all nations.”

St. John's Lutheran School is your choice for a complete education

School Organization
  • Preschool: Classes are play-based and are designed to give your child experiences that will help he/she to grow spiritually, socially, physically, and cognitively.
  • Kindergarten: Classes are designed to gently transition the children from the preschool learning environment to the more structured classroom.  Spiritual, motor, language and social development is emphasized.
  • Elementary Grades 1-4: Basic skills of phonics-based reading and spelling, and traditional math are emphasized.  Students continue to build on that solid foundation, meeting high standards and developing critical thinking skills
  • Junior High Grades 5-8: Students are prepared for their high school years through more advanced challenges.  This includes a departmentalized approach to teaching these grades.

  • All St John's teachers have at least a B.S.E. degree from one of the following colleges: Martin Lutheran College or Wisconsin Lutheran College. 
  • Teachers further their education to develop their skill in their particular specialty and grade level.
  • St John's teachers are committed to their students and to Christian education.

  • St John's offers a student council and yearbook club.
  • Girls interscholastic sports are cross country, basketball, volleyball, softball and track & field.
  • Boys interscholastic sports are cross country, soccer, basketball, wrestling, softball, and track & field.

Technology and Fine Arts
  • St John's has Ipads and chromebooks, which helps prepare students technologically for high school and the world.
  • St John's has its own school band and has two piano teachers and a guitar teacher who offer lessons during the school day. We have an educational fair which rotates among art, science and social studies.

  • Religion
  • Reading/Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Penmanship

St John's also strongly believes that music, art, sports and other extracurricular activities are an extension of the traditional classroom in developing well rounded individuals.


Click on the photo of each teacher to learn more about them.

Mrs. Kaila Bink
3K Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Shelley Fix
4K Preschool Teacher

Miss Sandy Gierach
Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Susan Ott
1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Nancy Koschnitzke
2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jackie Engelbrecht
3rd and 4th Grade Teacher

Mr. Michael DeRuiter
5th-8th Grade Teacher
Athletic Director

Mrs. Beth Tomlin
5th-8th Grade Teacher

Mr. Bill Tomlin
5th-8th Grade Teacher



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